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Positions on Animal Issues

Suncoast Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals. Our primary purpose is to support our mission “to reduce the number of homeless animals, while improving the quality of life.”

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We feel that humane education is a priority, as a means of fostering compassion, responsibility and respect toward animals, each other and the environment. It has been proven that a link exists between human violence and animal abuse. Often, youth who grow up without an appreciation for animals will grow into adults with limited concern for the welfare of animals, other people or society as a whole. Awareness and education are principle means of preventing all forms of violence. Suncoast Humane Society supports the use of curricula in schools that teach kindness and respect for all living things as well as programs for adults that focus on responsibilities toward animals.

The statements outlined below express the values and positions of Suncoast Humane Society on a wide range of issues involving human activities that affect animals. These positions are not immutable, given that circumstances, technology, and societal values can and do change. In our effort to promote the humane treatment of all animals, we ask you to view the following issues with these questions in mind.

Does this activity:

• Cause harm or suffering without concern for the welfare of the animal?
• Exploit animals for the purpose of entertainment without education?
• Show a lack of respect for the species?

We have listed the issues that, as a humane society, we are asked most often for our position. These activities directly affect animals in a negative manner, creating a lack of sensitivity and promoting a callous attitude in people. We realize there are many issues of concern involving the use of animals. As a general statement, we stand opposed to any activity where animals are abused, neglected or exploited. We encourage relief through legislation and education.

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