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PhilRuffin and Gabby-smPhil Snyder, Executive Director

Press Articles


englewood sun logoBy Phil Snyder, Executive Director Suncoast Humane Society

Published in the Englewood Sun on April 30, 2017

Suncoast Humane Society is featuring a story, on their website and Facebook page, of a wonderful pup named Martini. The 7 month old white and brown female mix (yes probably some pit bull mixture) was brought to their animal care center (shelter) as the victim of a very serious injury.

At first it was thought that this sweet dog had fallen from a porch, or had been kicked by a horse. It was later reported that she had been hit by a car while chasing a ball. Regardless of the cause, Martini was suffering from a badly shattered rear left leg.

Her owners had rushed her to a veterinary emergency clinic for help but it was determined the cost to treat Martini was prohibitive. She was then taken to a local veterinary hospital for an examination and x-rays. Again they were told the treatment would be very costly. The owners then decided to seek help from the adoption agency she had originally been adopted from. Sadly the agency was unable to take Martini back, reportedly because of her injury.

Martini was brought to Suncoast Humane Society for help. Upon initial examination the medical team knew that this was a very serious injury. Staff took her to Lemon Bay Animal Hospital for additional X-rays on her crushed leg.

The findings revealed that Martini would require a special surgical procedure to repair a fractured femur. Dr. Randy Hitesman, the Society’s veterinarian, contacted Coastal Veterinary Surgery Specialists in Sarasota. Dr. John Kirsch, veterinary surgery specialist, had been called on before to help Suncoast Humane Society save an adoptable pet.
The extensive surgery took many hours and included inserting a plate, screws and pins to hold everything together. A surgery technician stated it was one of the longest surgeries she had participated in. They were determined to do everything possible for Martini.

Following an overnight stay for monitoring her initial recovery, Martini was picked up by Suncoast Humane Society staff and taken to a prearranged foster home. Recovery is expected to take some time with periodic check-ups at the surgeon’s clinic.

As she mends, the intent is that Martini will start to put some weight on her damaged leg. Suncoast Humane Society staff and volunteers are pulling for her to regain the use of her leg.

Martini’s story is summed up best by Dr. Randy who said, “How could we not help this poor creature. She needed us and Suncoast Humane Society was here for her.”
If you would like to follow Martini’s progress, and help her and other pets that are given that 2nd chance at a quality life, please visit their website at and/or monitor her road to recovery on their Facebook page.