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Shelter Angel

We know that it is a great feeling to help a specific animal through a stressful time.  Being a Shelter Angel does just that.  

Your gift will be applied to our special medical fund and put toward the cost of the treatment and care of selected pets that come to us in need of help.

Gifts of $100 or more may be applied to the Shelter Angel Medical Fund.

Here are some of our success stories:



Sweet 8 year old, Poodle mix, Benny, was found when he wandered into a kind person's yard. After being unable to locate an owner, Benny was brought here. He has mature cataracts in both eyes. Benny will see a specialist at Animal Eye Care where they will be able to do further diagnostics to determine a course of action. Benny is available for adoption. 

Felix20171028H   Terrier mix, Felix, is estimated to be two years old. He was found wandering and in rough shape. After a good bath, haircut and some love it was also discovered that he has mature cataracts in one eye. Felix has an upcoming appointment Animal Eye Care for further diagnostics. There it will be determined if he is a candidate for surgery. Felix is currently up for adoption.  
Daisy20171000H   Daisy was thought to have bladder problems so she recieved a diagnostic X-ray and urinalysis. The two year old Lab/Pit mix is currently available for adoption. She is spunky, energetic and sweet!  
Sydney20170856H   Three year old Sydney, a Border Collie mix, transferred to Suncoast Humane Society from another shelter. Before she could be put up for adoption, Sydney had to be treated for Kennel Cough with antibiotics. She was adopted on July 13, 2017.  
Dakota20170852H   Siberian Husky/Lab mix, Dakota is a pretty 4 year old girl who was suffering from Kennel Cough and needed to be treated before she could be offered up for adoption. Antibiotics, rest, and love led to a quick recovery. Dakota was adopted on July 29, 2017.   
Miley20170900H   Miley, an Old English Bulldogge, was surrendered to the Suncoast Humane Society. This 5 year old, beautiful girl was suffering from kennel cough and needed to be treated before she could be offered up for adoption. Antibiotics, rest, and love led to a quick recovery. Miley was quickly adopted on July 15, 2017.   
Poppy20170960H   Eight year old Poppy was surrendered to Suncoast Humane Society when his owner could no longer afford to care for him. Poppy suffered from dental disease so he needed treatment. After a dental scaling and extraction under anesthesia, Poppy was able to be adopted out and found a home on July 13, 2017.   
Ivan20170851H   Ivan is a very small senior Chihuahua of 12 years old. Ivan was being treated for dental disease, as is common in many small older dogs. Ivan was adopted into a loving home on July 11, 2107.   
Cooper20170802H   This adorable boy is Cooper. He is a senior Chihuahua at 10 years old. Cooper needed to be treated for dental disease and had 10 extractions. He found a loving home on July 18, 2017.  
Fritz20170866H   This adorable Terrier mix, Fritz, was found wandering as a stray in fairly rough shape. Estimated to be around 10 years old, Fritz has chronic dry eye and had dental disease which required a scaling and 8 extractions. He is currently up for adoption.  
Mace20170779H   American Bulldog, Mace, needed the help from our Shelter Angel fund to treat Heartworm disease. This 2 year old boy needed medication, rest and love so that he could be healthy again. Mace was adopted on July 18, 2017.  
20170746H   Ozzy, a two year old Chihuahua, had contracted Heartworm disease. After transferring here from another shelter, he needed treatment with medications and strict rest. This sweet boy still needed to be neutered also. Adorable Ozzy found his forever home on June 13, 2017.  
Roxie20170652H   Ten year old Lab mix, Roxie, was brought to your Suncoast Humane Society a bit of a mess. She had ear infections in both ears, a mammary tumor that needed removal, and she needed to be spayed. She was treated for her infections, had an X-ray, the tumor was removed and now this lovely senior girl has found her forever home on July 5, 2017.  
Delilah20170572H   Sweet senior dog Delilah, came to us at age 12 with significant dental disease. This pretty Chihuahua required 6 extractions, a dental scaling and polish, and she was spayed. She found a loving forever home for her senior years on May 31, 2017.  
Nelly20170590H   Nelly is a 7 year old Chihuahua that came to us suffering from dental disease. This little girl was able to get a good cleaning and the care that she needed so that she could find her happy forever home on May 13, 2017.  
Shelby20170592H   Although Shelby is only a 5 year old Chihuahua, she was suffering from dental disease. We were able to get her the dental cleaning and care that she needed. She was adopted on May 13, 2017.  
Tina20170366H   Tiny 11 pound Tina transferred to Suncoast Humane Society suffering from Heartworm disease. This two year old Terrier mix was treated, put on strict rest and was able to be adopted out on April 4, 2017.  
Casper20170492H   Look at that cute smile! This is Casper and he came to Suncoast Humane Society with dental disease. He is a 7 year old Pug/Beagle mix who was adopted on June 3, 2017!  
Fancy20170231H   Fancy transferred to us heartworm positive. She needed Immiticide steroids, antibiotics, and strict rest. This 4 year old Terrier mix went to foster care while she recovered and was adopted in early April of 2017.  
Buddy20170308H   Terrier/Poodle mix, 11 year old, Buddy arrived at the Suncoast Humane Society a mess. He needed dental work, had an ear infection, treatment for hookworms and in desperate need of a bath and grooming. After taking care of his needs and having his dental work under anethesia, Buddy was in much better spirits. He found his forever home on April 5, 2017.  
Piper20170270H   Piper is a 9 year old Chihuahua who needed bloodwork, spay surgery and dental work. This little girl needed some love and basic care also. Piper found her forever home in late March 2017.  
Tiny20170153H   Twelve year old Tiny, a poodle mix was in strong need for dental work when he arrived with us. He required anethesia, scaling and polishing and 3 extractions. At barely 6 pounds, Tiny, true to his name, received the care he needed and was adopted with our "Senior for Senior's" program.  
Nonna20170058H   Just look at this happy girl, Nonna. Nonna wasn't feeling so great when she contracted Kennel cough, but she is happy now. This 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier is currently up for adoption.  
Foxy20170022H   Foxy the Chihuahua had kennel cough, and an infection that was treated. She is feeling much better especially now that she has found her new forever home on February 2, 2017.  
George20170082H   This little Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, George, came to us with a skin issue on one foot which was tested and treated. He also had kennel cough, but is feeling much better especially since he found his new home on February 9, 2017.  
Deuce20170089H   Deuce, a 3 year old American Pit Bull was suffering from Kennel cough. He is feeling much better now an dwent to his new home on February 9, 2017.  
Rusty20170087H   Boxer mix, Rusty, was found as a stray. This three year old 96 pound friendly dog had fleas, an ear infection, skin infections and Kennel cough. He was treated with Cephalexin, medicated shampoos, and omega 3. He is how healthy,happy and was been adopted on February 2, 2017. In Memory of Bijou and Max.