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Project Re-Unification

Suncoast Humane Society's mission.

Because pets need people and people need pets, Suncoast Humane Society provides sheltering to the most vulnerable animals, affordable prevention services to the community and ongoing support for pets and the people who love them.

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Our Capital Campaign:
Building the Future

Together, we will continue to care for the vulnerable by building a campus dedicated to defending, protecting, and caring for the pets in need in our community.

$11.5 Million Raised

$17.5 Million Goal
We have raised $11.5 million – but we still need your help! Together we will save lives, love them all, and build the future.

Our Featured Pets

large male mixed breed dog with black fur and cropped ears


Hello there, I’m Mack, the life of the party at this here shelter! I’m young, sweet, friendly, smart, playful, energetic, cuddly, gentle, loyal, and curious. Curiosity did get me into a bit of a pickle though. See, I followed a squirrel up a tree. Yes, a tree! Next thing I knew, I was in a fireman’s arms, then here! The squirrel? Well, he’s still out there, laughing I bet. But hey, that’s just me, always up for an adventure! If you’re looking for a loyal, playful, and slightly squirrel-obsessed companion, I’m your dog!

male domestic shorthair cat with black and white fur and golden eyes


Hi, I’m Checkers, your purrfect superhero! My tale? Well, I was living an ordinary life until one day, I discovered my superpower – endless love. I was protecting my family from loneliness, spreading joy with my playful antics. But then, a twist! A villain, named ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’, separated us. So, I ended up here, in this shelter, waiting for my next adventure. My powers? I’m smart, funny, and can chase any bad mood away. My loyalty is unshakeable, and my cuddles? The best! Adopt me, and together, we’ll conquer the world with love and laughter!

bird with yellow, green, and black feathers


Hello, I’m Delta! I’m a bird who loves to play and explore. My curiosity knows no bounds, and I’m always up for a new adventure. I enjoy interacting with others, but I’m also quite independent. I can entertain myself for hours, exploring every nook and cranny of my surroundings. I have a friendly nature and I love to chirp and sing, filling the air with my delightful melodies. I’m seeking a forever home where I can spread my wings and share my joy. Adopting me means adding a burst of life, fun, and music to your home.

Our 2022 Impact.

hand holding food container and a puppy is eating from it


Pets Saved

We rescue, house, care for and adopt pets throughout the Suncoast region.

woman is examining cat


Patients Served

We provide spay/neuter services, vaccinations and medical treatments.

woman shaking paw of dog


Volunteer Hours

Our volunteers provide critical support to the Suncoast Humane Society mission.

woman is holding cat


Animals Adopted

Our fosters save lives 
by providing short and long term care.

Your donation
helps save lives.

By donating, you become a critical part of our mission to reduce the number of homeless animals and improve their quality of life. Your donations contribute to the care of animals: food, medicine, supplies and more. We accept donations online or via personal checks.