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Suncoast Humane Society's mission.

Because pets need people and people need pets, Suncoast Humane Society provides sheltering to the most vulnerable animals, affordable prevention services to the community and ongoing support for pets and the people who love them.

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Our Capital Campaign:
Building the Future

Together, we will continue to care for the vulnerable by building a campus dedicated to defending, protecting, and caring for the pets in need in our community.

$13 Million Raised

$17.5 Million Goal
We have raised $13 million – but we still need your help! Together we will save lives, love them all, and build the future.

Our Featured Pets

senior female medium sized dog with black and white fur


Meet Bella, a seasoned lady with a heart full of love. Her mellow demeanor makes her a perfect companion for those seeking a calm, reliable friend. Bella’s loyalty knows no bounds. Her age has only made her more affectionate, patient, and understanding. Bella’s calm and loving personality would make her a wonderful addition to any home. Her gentle spirit is a reminder of the simple joys in life. Adopt Bella and experience the unconditional love and friendship only a pet like her can offer.

gray male domestic shorthair cat


Meet Lefty, a charming and affectionate adult cat residing in our shelter. His friendly nature and sweet disposition make him a delightful companion. Lefty enjoys a good play session, but he’s equally fond of quiet moments, purring contentedly while receiving gentle strokes. This wonderful feline has a lot of love to give and is looking for a forever home where he can share his warmth and sweetness.

female white rabbit


Hello new friend! My name is Pearl, and I’m the sweetest snowy colored bunny you’ll ever meet! I love my fresh veggies and my snacks. I will show you all my bunny skills when I’m out playing and hopping around. I would love to find my new home with lots of space to stretch my bunny legs. Come meet me today!

Our 2023 Impact.

hand holding food container and a puppy is eating from it


Pets Saved

We rescue, house, care for and adopt pets throughout the Suncoast region.

woman is examining cat


Patients Served

We provide spay/neuter services, vaccinations and medical treatments.

woman shaking paw of dog


Volunteer Hours

Our volunteers provide critical support to the Suncoast Humane Society mission.

woman is holding cat


Animals Adopted

Our fosters save lives 
by providing short and long term care.

Your donation
helps save lives.

By donating, you become a critical part of our mission to reduce the number of homeless animals and improve their quality of life. Your donations contribute to the care of animals: food, medicine, supplies and more. We accept donations online or via personal checks.