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Ready to adopt?

Here at Suncoast Humane Society, we take our adoptions seriously, but our policies are simple. We have an obligation to see that every animal is adopted into a responsible, loving home.

All animal adoptions are by appointment only. Please call to set up your appointment. 

Our adopters
must meet these requirements:

18 years of age

Valid ID with name and current address

Landlord and/or parental verification

Included Pre-Adoption Services:

Spaying or neutering

Heartworm or feline leukemia/AIDS test

First distemper shot


A complimentary bag of Hills Science Diet pet food

A complete medical history showing all of the care, shots, and tests that were administered to the animal during its shelter stay

An implanted microchip with registration (helping to return lost animals to their owners)

Lifelong friendship

Standard Animal Adoption Fees:

Puppies and Kittens (less than 1 year old) – $125

Canines and Felines – $95 plus $25 Rabies Vaccination

Canines and Felines for Senior Adopters (65+ years) – $75 plus $25 Rabies Vaccination

Senior Canines and Felines (7+ years) for Senior Adopters (65+ years) – $50 plus $25 Rabies Vaccination

Pets with Seniority (In Shelter more than 6 months) – $25 plus $25 Rabies Vaccination

Mice and Rats – $10
Rabbits – $50
Ferrets – $50

Parakeets – $15

Cockatiels – $75

*There may be additional inoculations that you will be responsible for. Additionally, you will have to purchase a $17 County License/Tag for your pet. We sell County License Tags for Charlotte County.

Adoption Application

Adoption Application

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