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Behavior Support & Training

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Our behavior support team offers virtual group, one-on-one, and pre-recorded training sessions. For more information, take a look at the virtual training options below. Already know which program best suits your needs? Please sign up today to get started.

Foster Support

We also offer a virtual one-on-one session
free of charge for those who are currently fostering Suncoast Humane Society animal(s).

All fosters are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Email us for more information

Dog Training Options:

Does this sound like you with your dog?
“I wish my dog would stop jumping on people; stop being mouthy or nippy; not pull on the leash; not be a ‘trash hound’; come when I call; listen to me; and understand basic commands”

The days of demanding obedience and teaching parlor tricks to our canine best friends are gone. Today, dogs are viewed as family members, nannies, and adventure buddies, so dog training is transforming. We want to learn why they do what they do and how they feel, not just comply with what we want them to do.

We offer 3 different virtual training options:

Group lessons every Saturday at 3pm, which are 30 minutes in length, with a member of our behavior support team. The cost of each lesson is $10. You’ll be learning something new each week – no need to worry about a prior lesson being missed or not being able to attend the following week.

One-on-one sessions with a member of our behavior support team that will help dog owners form a stronger bond with their pets, resulting in improved behavior. These individualized sessions are 1 hour in length for $20.

An on-demand, pre-recorded webinar titled ‘Canine Essential Behaviors’ that you can sign up for and watch at your convenience.

Benefits of forming a better connection with your pet:

Positive reinforcement and constructive guidance promotes trust, loyalty and companionship.

You will build a unique language between you and your dog.

You will be able to recognize certain behaviors and actions, and reassure your pet with appropriate and result-driven cues such as sit, stay, watch and more.

Your dog will feel heard, and in return, will follow your guidance to be a good dog and to make you happy.

Communication increases sociability and boosts the dog’s confidence in environments outside of your home.

Behavioral training teaches your dog important life skills, such as: how to live in a home environment and get along with other humans or animals in the home. It also teaches you different ways you can enrich their lives through mental and physical exercises.

Are you ready to get started?

Learn how to build a better connection with your pet by selecting the virtual training option that best meets your needs. Please sign up today to get started.

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We’re here to help. Please email us for more information regarding our virtual training options or foster support sessions. We will be in touch as soon as possible

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