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Advancements to Explore how a Truly Humane Shelter Model is Revolutionizing Animal Care

Suncoast Humane Society is thrilled to soon be featured in a segment of the educational program Advancements, hosted by Ted Danson. The program is “an information-based educational television series that explores recent developments taking place across several industries and economies”. Here’s an excerpt from a press release announcing the upcoming segment:

“Jupiter, FL—Advancements with Ted Danson will share how a new way of sheltering the most vulnerable – the pets who end up in shelters – is advancing the model of care in animal welfare.

This segment will highlight the relationship that people have had with animals throughout time. Audiences will learn how a heightened awareness surrounding the importance and impact of this connection between humans and animals has blossomed over the past 50 years, and how today, humans have become more tuned into this special relationship than ever before. However, at the same time, many pet shelters in America still use a model that was created in the 1800s with few advancements. The segment will explore the antiquated nature of animal sheltering, which often isolates animals in cages and kennels denying their fundamental need for freedom of movement, socialization, and play.”

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