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Pawsitive Adventures

Plan a fun adventure for a shelter pup.

Suncoast Humane Society’s Pawsitive Adventures Program encourages our community members to take pups who are staying at the shelter on fun outings and field trips in the community. Pawsitive Adventures give the pups a break from the kennels, help socialize them, and just might help them meet or find their forever family and home!

Don’t forget weekend getaways! Snuggle up with a pup for a movie-a-thon or an outdoor adventure. Time out of the shelter drops dog’s cortisol levels and helps them adjust and manage the stressors of living in shelter. Give them a break today!

A Few Pawsitive

Take them to a dog beach or a park

Go for a walk, run or jog with them
Take them for a nice car ride
Treat them to a “puppacino”

Are you ready for
an adventure?

Fill out the application below to get started. For more information and/or questions regarding the Pawsitive Adventures program, please contact

Past Adventures

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