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Community Food Bank Information:

Who is eligible?
Suncoast Humane Society’s Community Pet Food Bank’s goal and purpose is to distribute FREE pet food and cat litter to members of our community who are struggling to provide for their own pets, in an effort to keep the pet in the home and out of the shelter.

Can I pick up food for someone else?
If you would like to pick up pet food or litter for someone who isn’t able to come to this event due to health or transportation limitations, please provide the name and phone number of the person you are assisting for verification purposes.

How much food can I get?
Due to our pet supplies limitations and the number of requests for assistance, specific brand/flavor cannot be requested at this time. Food Bank recipients can pick up no more than ONCE a month with a maximum each time of:

8 pounds of food per cat

8 pounds of food per dog <10 lbs

15 pounds of food per dog 10-25 lbs

20 pounds of food per dog 25-50 lbs

25 pounds of food per dog 50-75

lbs 30 pounds of food per dog 75-100 lbs

35 pounds of food per dog >100 lbs

2 gallons of cat litter per cat

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